Disability lawyers are lawyers who help someone with a disability file a successful claim in court and assist you through the navigation of the appeals procedure. Most of the people who need assistance by the lawyers are those who; unfortunately got an injury while working for a company, maybe a  building collapsed and made an injury on your body, e.t.c. 

They ensure that you have the relevant documents for the case, and if you lack some essentials, they assist you to get them more so medical tests. A disability law focuses on the insurance of employees by their bosses in case of an accident while working in the firm. 

The lawyer works hand in hand with you until you end up winning the case. He/she makes every effort on your behalf to win the case since he/she can only get paid if the client wins the case. A study carried out shows that people with disabilities who end up getting a lawyer to assist them in their case have a three times chance of winning compared to the ones who decide to take up upon themselves. 

On matters of payments, they are friendlier since they only need a quarter of your back payments once you get compensated. In case you lose the case, the lawyer doesn’t request any money from you, and therefore you don’t need to worry about whether to pay or not. 

The most important reason for you to hire a lawyer to help you with your disability case is that the chances of you winning are very high since he understands how to present a case in the most favorable way for their clients. 

The top disabilities cases that one needs a lawyer are; 

  • Mental disorders 
  • Injuries 
  • Circulatory system  
  • Nervous system and sense organs 
  • Intellectual disabilities 

Most of our people in society are suffering due to inadequate information on how they can get insurance from their employers. The best way we need to address them is to get a lawyer and apply for a case in court, and they can get assured of justice prevailing. 

The main challenge affecting most of our people with disabilities from enjoying their rights is that most of them lack crucial documents, and therefore it’s your responsibility as next of keen to ensure that your person has the required files. 

We also need to educate these people with disabilities about their rights course most of them don’t know their privileges and freedoms.  


As a community, we need to step in and assist our brothers and sisters gain justice. Most of them have huge debts in hospital while they got injuries as employees of certain companies, organizations, and firms.