If you are migrating from or to another country, you might be working in the region or you are just living the culture. You really do not have to leave Singapore to go learn in other places. Some of the language schools there is in Singapore will include;

This is a very easy language for the native trying to learn it. It is the language with upside and down exclamations and the question marks. The words come out of your mouth like someone doing a poetry

This is the most sensible language there is although at times it is unappreciated.

This language happens to share more common traits with English and The only difference is that the Dutch accent has been to the other level. This, however, makes the language more fun to talk and listen to,

This language stretches much with Russia?s borders. If you travel to that side of the world, you get an asset just from speaking with the locals. The consonant sounds in the language are what make it fun.

One of the known romantic languages there is. All the words from this language sound very sweet. You should know that the Italians mostly talk with their hands.

This is known to be the language of love and complicated foods. If you major in food dining, you can fast learn the language.

This is the most spoke n language of all the others. Meaning that in a minute, the speaker ends up saying many syllables.

This is known to be the best language for any rapper, in Singapore, it is the most popular language now. And the amounts of Korean schools keep rising in numbers.

So as to mingle well  with those locals in Thai, its best to learn the language. It is a beautiful language with all the intonations of the sounds being so elegant.

The country itself looks so amazing, as you travel here; it feels like it?s in the early 1900s since modernization has not been identified here. To learn more about the country, learn the language.

In Singapore, this is the easiest language since it is pronounced just the way it is written. People using this language are very hospitable.

Bahasa Indonesia
Indonesia is known to be a rising economically. Here you will find the cheapest golf and clothes. Its language is similar to Malay, so if you learn one you will have killed two birds with one stone.

China has been to be a powerhouse and its language is quite practical to learn. For a native who just knows English, this language is hard to learn.

Almost all the people who live in India understand Hindi. Thanks to the Hindi movies, but business is mostly conducted In English, for you to fit in you need to learn some of the Hindu as it?s very easy to pronounce

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